Active Filing System Design & Implementation

Our tailored programs offer:

bulletImmediate access to all information, regardless of media format
bulletStandardization of label formats, filing supplies and equipment
bulletBar-coded tracking of file folders and documents
bulletEfficient use of prime office space

Our Active Filing System Services

We design and implement partial or full-scale active information management systems tailored to our clients unique requirements. We have tailored programs for numerous clients in private industry, including legal, insurance, biotechnology and pharmaceutical, healthcare, non-profit, engineering, banking and financial services firms, as well as numerous state, regional and local government agencies.


Records Inventory Services

Our specialists will inventory your records into an electronic database, and review printed reports with your management team. We can help you determine which files are active, inactive or obsolete.


Uniform Index Development

Using records inventory reports, we will develop an index of records groups and records series (similar types of records). A uniform index assigns common nomenclature to your records series, and assigns numeric codes to organize similar records.


Color-coded Filing Systems

Numeric and alphabetical codes are assigned to your files, and printed on water and scratch-resistant labels, then applied to durable, cost-effective folders. Color-coding is the most efficient method of filing and finding paper documents.


Barcode Tracking Systems

By assigning barcodes to active folders, your staff can electronically track your hardcopy information throughout your organization. Barcodes can easily be integrated with color-coded labeling.

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Interested in an evaluation of your current active filing systems? 

We offer a walk-through survey of your offices, an evaluation of current filing methods, supplies and equipment, and a proposal with a summary of our findings and recommendations for improvements, all at no cost to you. (Travel expenses may apply for locations outside of Northern California) 

E-mail us at for more information.