Document Imaging Systems & Services

What can a Document Imaging System do for you?

bulletAllow electronic storage and access of key business documents.
bulletPreserve legally acceptable copies of signed documents or hand-written information.
bulletPermit secure access of documents across departments and remotely over the web.
bulletProtect the vital and historical information in your organization.

Our Document Imaging Services

Imaging is the buzzword in the RIM industry and everyone is looking for the "Paperless Office". The practical side of imaging systems is much more complex than just scanning your documents to a .pdf or .tif file.

Let MULTIPLEX evaluate your active filing systems and help you determine documents worth imaging, and suggest a full featured software system to help manage and access your information.

bulletSoftware Evaluation

There are plenty of imaging software vendors willing to sell you a system, and each one offers enticing features. Do you know what to look for in a cost effective, well-featured system that best fits your organization? MULTIPLEX offers affordable software options that include image management AND records management components.

bulletDocument Conversion

Using our high-speed scanners, MULTIPLEX will prepare your documents for scanning, convert them to a standard electronic format, index the information into your imaging software system, and quality check the images for accuracy.

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Interested in evaluating what documents can be imaged in your organization?

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