Inactive Records Management & Storage

Our Redding and Sacramento Area records service centers store, manage, retrieve and deliver your less-active records, all for a fraction of the cost of your office space or a public storage unit.

Why should you store your less-active records with us?

bulletLimited and increasingly expensive office space
bulletStorage and maintenance in a clean, controlled, secure environment
bulletRapid access, retrieval and re-filing of records by trained specialists
bulletRegular deliveries and pick-ups
bulletIncreased staff productivity
bulletReduced administrative and overhead expenses

Our Less-active Records Management Support Services

As part of our  Complete Records Management Services, here is what we can do for you:

bullet Repackaging Services

We will transfer any records currently stored in odd-sized containers into standard, 1.2 cubic foot storage boxes.

bulletBar-coding and Indexing

We will identify each box with a unique barcode label, and index them to the box or file folder level using our state-of-the-art database.

bulletStorage and Delivery

We will transfer your records to our modern, clean facility, and deliver your records to your offices within 24 hours of your faxed request.

bulletStorage Containers

To optimize low-cost, efficient storage and retrieval of you records, we have adopted the 15"x12"x10" box, which is the industry standard.

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Are you still using time-consuming, difficult to set-up storage boxes? 

Try the Miracle Box!


The easiest box to set-up.


Collapsible and reusable.


Sturdy, 200 lb test, double-walled, double-bottomed corrugated cardboard.


Extra-deep lid for secure fit.


Stacks up to 5  boxes high without collapsing.


Great for records & office moves, archival storage, and all your storage needs.

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Interested in our inactive records storage and support services? Interested in a sample of the Miracle Box? 

E-mail us at for more information.

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