Most businesses find it difficult to manage the onslaught of information they receive every day:


Management wants immediate access to data 


Clients are demanding prompt service


Suppliers want rapid processing and payment

These demands result in rising administrative costs for your organization, especially when a document is misplaced. 

How can your company provide high quality, cost-effective service without efficient information management techniques?

Let us help you evaluate and improve your Records and Information Management processes to meet the challenges of today's business environment.

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Our Mission...

MULTIPLEX Information Services, Inc. has become a leading provider of Records and Information Management (RIM) technology in Northern California.

We understand that today's business environment survives on efficient, cost-effective methods of improving productivity. We offer custom designed, high quality solutions for our clients in government and private industry.

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Who we are:

Founded in 1995, MULTIPLEX is a closely-held, California corporation of information resource management specialists. 

MULTIPLEX principals, all nationally accredited Certified Records Managers, have more than 80 years of combined RIM project design and implementation experience. We are dedicated to fulfilling the specific needs of each client while maintaining the full confidentiality of their information. 

MULTIPLEX has implemented records improvement projects for numerous clients on the West Coast. Our clients include:

bulletDistricts and agencies in state, regional and local government
bulletEntities in the banking, financial, legal, engineering, healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnical, and software development industries
bulletPolitical, religious, and non-profit organizations.

MULTIPLEX principals are members of the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA), and the Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM). As leaders in the RIM industry, our senior officers have  provided numerous presentations and workshops to ARMA chapters, state agencies and other professional organizations.

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Where we are:

MULTIPLEX has offices servicing the greater Redding and Sacramento areas. You may contact us at the numbers below, or through e-mail at




bullet530-242-3805 Redding
bullet 916-928-0396 Sacramento

Corporate Mailing Address:

bullet1627 Beltline Road, Redding, California 96003

Sacramento Branch Address:

bullet4600 Northgate Boulevard, Suite 130, Sacramento, California 95834


bulletGeneral Information:
bullet Customer Support:
bullet Webmaster: