Records Retention Management Services

Our tailored programs offer:

bulletInventory and analysis of your organization's records series (types of records)
bulletResearch of retention periods required by government and regulatory bodies
bulletDevelopment of structured retention schedules by department
bulletPeriodic updates to approved retention schedules based on new legal citations or court rulings

Our Records Retention Services

bulletRecords Series Inventory Services

Our specialists will interview your staff and management teams to determine which records series, or types of records, each department produces, acquires and/or maintains. This provides the basis for developing your retention schedules.

bulletUniform Index Development

A uniform index assigns common nomenclature to your records series, and assigns numeric codes to organize similar records. Using records inventory reports, we will organize your records series into a structured format that details the series description and identifies the responsible department and importance of the documents.

bulletRetention Period Research

There are hundreds of legal citations requiring you to maintain your records for certain periods of time. These requirements are mandated by regulatory agencies or government entities, or based on established case law and recent litigation. MULTIPLEX will evaluate the citations and regulations relating to your organization and suggest minimum retention periods to comply with these requirements.

bulletTraining and Auditing Programs

Creation of your retention schedules is relatively simple. Implementing the program is the real challenge! Through detailed presentations and hands-on workshops, MULTIPLEX will train your staff and management teams to confidently determine inactive and obsolete records and dispose of them according to approved retention schedules.

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Interested in discussing and implementing a Records Retention Program?

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