We recommend the comprehensive, full-featured range of Electronic Records Management Software packages from Zasio Enterprises, Inc.

Versatile Express

A model entry-level RIM software package, Versatile Express is ideal for small businesses as either a stand-alone system, or networked with multiple seats for a low cost document management solution.

Express offers:

bulletVery low cost - less than $600.00 per seat
bulletPacked with all basic RIM features

Includes image management and electronic document tools!

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Versatile Professional

The latest product from Zasio, Versatile Professional adds document destruction, records center space management and advanced barcode scanning modules, and improves on the search features found in Versatile Express.

Professional offers:

bulletOrganization-wide solution
bulletAdvanced records management tools
bulletPaper, image and electronic document control

Detailed (granular) document security control

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Versatile Enterprise

Versatile Enterprise is the most powerful Electronic Records Management Software package available in the industry. A total information management solution, Versatile Enterprise allows your records manager and information technology group to manage and control all documents throughout your organization.

Enterprise offers:

bulletOrganization-wide solutions
bullet"Cradle-to-grave" records management
bulletWeb-enabled record requests and document access
bulletTotal image, paper and electronic document control

Detailed (granular) document security control

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Versatile Retention

Retention is a powerful tool for researching applicable retention periods and developing retention schedules for the total lifecycle of your records. 

Retention offers:

bulletResearch Federal and State retention requirements
bulletFully searchable by keywords or subjects

Includes up-to-date citations and retention research materials

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Please contact us at ZasioProducts@MultiplexInfo.com for a demonstration kit or a live demonstration of these Zasio Enterprises products.

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